About the company


We're a company based in Täby, just north of Stockholm, Sweden.


Our goal is to offer electromechanical measurement devices that can use the existing generic sensor drivers in Linux and Windows 10, so it's easy to get started with experiments and other projects that need sensor data.


If you have any inquiry about our products, please contact us using the email address at the bottom of the page.


Other information


RoHS, Restriction of Hazardous Substances, is a directive of the European Union (2002/95/EC). The products by Lingon Electronics are made with RoHS compliant material. The WEEE symbol on the label indicates that the products, if disposed of, should be treated as electrical and electronic equipment (EEE).


Please note that equipment by Lingon Electronics is not intended for life-support, safety-critical, or military applications. Lingon Electronics takes no responsibility for any consequences related to how the product is used.


Lingon Electronics is a hardware company, and does not commit to provide additional support with app development, coding, project management, homework, design projects, etc. We do however provide links to help new users get started with developing their sensor projects, please check the page "How to Use" for more info.




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